Interbike 2015: Quad Lock Phone Mounting System

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Quad Lock Bike Phone Case

A few years ago people were horrified about the idea of strapping their smart phone to their bike. These days with the combination of activity trackers on phones, and bluetooth headphones, this idea is more mainstream. The availability of easy on/off and secure cases are limited. My two favorites so far are the Banjo Brothers Bar Top and Delta Smart Phone Caddy. While both are easy to use they don’t adapt to my active lifestyle, enter the Quad Lock Phone Mounting System.

Quadlock Bike Mount

Ranging from $40-85 these mounts work much like a Garmin with a twist action. I haven’t personally used them yet, but I have beat the crap out of my Garmin mount and it works great.

Quad Lock Out Front Mount

Quadlock Out Front Mount

Coming soon… These are the same idea as above, but with a different mounting point so that your phone can be in front of your handlebars, or between your TT bars.

Quad Lock Arm Band Mount

Quadlock Arm Band Mount

From $55-84, snap that phone to your arm.


Quadlock Car Mount

MSRP $50. Do you use your phone for directions, or sometimes loose it on the seat next to you? Snap it into place within reach with this car mount.

Check out the full line up here.

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