Today is a damp and chilly morning in Denver. I’m typing this with a piping hot cup of coffee in one hand that for the life of me can’t be sat down, so typing is a bit slow going. Earlier this week we said goodbye to summer and hello to fall. It’s easy to see that fall is creeping in as I look around, and if I wasn’t convinced a quick look to Instagram to all the photos of foliage and cyclocross would confirm that fall is here. This summer for me was spent on foot walking with an infant protected from the sun. Currently my life with a child and wife in residency is a beautiful and chaotic dance. I wouldn’t trade it for anything but it does make the time go by too quickly sometimes so it is nice to force a slower walking speed of 3 mph to take it all in.

As we enter fall my life is getting busier again. My classes for school are ramping up, my daughter is starting to crawl, and my wife is entering her “interview” season for medical fellowship. Over here at Bike Shop Girl “World Headquarters” we have about a dozen of products in for review. It is easy to see that through motherhood my focus is shifting a bit on cycling as more lights, fenders, and utility products show up for review. Road bikes have rack mounts, and Gatorskin tires are a requirement. I hope as I find the delicate balance of being a capable mother, wife, student, and writer I’m about to start adding back in the role of competitive athlete. For now, I am more than content with the direction this life and this website is headed. There are a great amount of women trying to strike the balance of life and healthy living. It has been rather rewarding being a part of that movement.

Currently line up of product in for review:

Jamis Xenith Endura 1 Femme Bike

Public Bikes Mini Kid Bike

FitWell Fahrlander II

FitWell DeGroot III

Troy Lee Designs Women’s Gear

PlanetBike Cascadia 29er Fenders

Review of my Surly Ogre

A lot of lights!!

PDW Bird Cage, Loading Dock Rack, Cork Chop Grips

Review of the Larry vs Harry Bullitt

Current queue of tips/how to articles and videos:

How to prevent flat tires

What to carry with you on a bike ride

How to maintain your bike – Air, Brakes, Chain + Safety Check

Hauling Kids Series – Cargo Bikes

Disclaimer: Some of this product was provided at no-cost for review, some I purchased at discount, some I paid full retail for




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