WOOHOO! Dave’s bike has been found!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t typically use these pages for fundraising but this is a worthy cause. My dear friend, Dave Nice (Fixie Dave), recently had his bike/wallet stolen and could use some generous friends. Dave is known for his adventures on his fixed gear mountain bike, taking on endurance mountain bike races and using it as his only mode of transportation. The guy isn’t only out a nice bike but out his way of life.

Dave is the kind of guy that would do anything for a friend. When my family first moved to Colorado he biked 60 miles to help unload our moving truck and all he would except was a burrito.

If Dave’s story has every inspired you over the years, or you are simply feeling generous on this Friday morning please chip in to help get Dave back on a bike. You can donate at the GoFundMe page his sister has setup for him.

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