I previewed these shoes last month and I have been able to spend a good amount of time riding in them but more importantly I’ve spent several hours on cement floors turning wrenches with these on my feet. Any shoe that is named mechanic should be comfortable for a full days worth of work and the DZR held up to that standard.

Details of the DZR Mechanic Shoes

MSRP: $99
Features: Natural Gum Rubber, Vegan, “Variable Flex Shank” aka it is stiff enough to pedal, but flexy enough to not have to walk like a duck
Size Range: 41-47 (maybe if there is enough ladies interest we could push them to make smaller sizes!)

Comfort and Fit

These shoes are very comfortable for both pedaling and walking. The toe of the shoe flexes enough to allow you to walk but the sole from the ball of your foot back is stiff as you would want for daily commuting. I ended up really enjoying the lace up design, and the insole was nice and padded to make up for the stiff sole. My only complaint about this shoe falls into the fit. I’m typically a 42.5/43 shoe (hey, I’m 5’10” what do you want?) and the size 43 they sent left me swimming in the front of the shoe. I easily could have gone down a full size. Thankfully the laces saved the day as I was able to pull them tight and keep my foot where it belonged.

Clip-In or Platform

One of my favorite features of these shoes are how well they work as a platform riding shoe and I can confidently say that you can use this shoe for either. I’m a big fan of recommending riders that don’t use non-clipless pedals to use stiffer platform shoes for longer rides. It helps your arches and pedaling efficiently greatly. The rubber cover that comes pre-installed over the clip-in mount worked flawlessly and I never had any slipping while using a variety of platform pedals from cheap to expensive.

Conclusion for the DZR Mechanic Shoes

At $99 these are amazing shoes. Commute, mountain bike, and wear them to work. They are stylish but not over the top and I don’t believe people would know you have bike shoes on. I would recommend trying to find a shop in your area to try them on as their sizing seemed to be off. After a few more hundred miles I will update this review on how well the shoes are holding up. Other than that, so far these are easily a pair of shoes I would pair retail on.

Go check out the shoes on DZR’s site!


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