Review: Burley Solstice Stroller

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Burley Solstice Stroller Review

As I mentioned during my preview of the Burley Solstice Stroller, I realize that this site is focused primarily on bike riding but as a new mom I’m having to branch out to life off the bike and believe this product fits in well with much of my audience. It may seem like an extreme statement, but this stroller has saved my sanity over the past 4 months. When becoming a stay at home mom I never could have imagined how this 3 wheeled vehicle could open our world to new sights, safety, and pure joy for both me and my daughter.

Burley Solstice Stroller Key Features

MSRP: $399
Frame Material: Aluminum (no rusting and light)
Weight: 29lbs
Capacity: 75lbs (including cargo)
Accessories: Snack Bowl and Cup HolderCar Seat AdapterBunting BagSolstice Handlebar ConsoleRolling Travel CaseWeather Shield
Colors: Black, Green and Navy
Other: Suspension, Pneumatic Tires, Extra-Large Canopy, Foot Brake

Initial Thoughts

When originally unboxing this stroller my daughter was only a couple of weeks old. We had started getting in the habit of taking long walks around the neighborhood and our Britax B-Agile worked well but didn’t soak up the bumps as much as I would like for our 3 week early baby. The Burley Solstice quickly stole the show. Large pneumatic tires, easy one hand steering, and small built it shocks were everything that as new moms we were craving. A couple extra bonuses I didn’t think about before having a child included the large storage space under the seat and a telescoping handle that really changed my day. At 5’10” I often was kicking or tripping on other strollers when going for fast walks were my gait was long.

Using the Burley Solstice Stroller for a Newborn

I would like to think I am an easy going parent, but also like to provide as much safety for my small newborn as possible. I never want to regret not buying the extra features if it provides my daughter with additional protection. Features that I have learned to rely on as a new parent include: an easy to use footbrake that locks up both rear wheels, a wrist strap to keep the stroller from wandering away, and a huge canopy to protect her from the sun. The Burley designed car-seat adapter works with our Britax seat but it doesn’t clip in and out like the Britax stroller, instead you must use a strap that goes across the car seat. In our many miles of use this was never a problem and our daughter didn’t even notice the strap was there.

Ellie was born in March so it started heating up pretty quickly in Colorado. In late May I started testing her in the stroller without the car seat because it seemed much cooler for our walks. Thankfully we have a longer than average baby with amazing head control and with all the harness straps pulled tight she was very safe. I did add teething pads to keep the straps from rubbing her neck when she falls asleep because she always falls asleep in this stroller! Burley recommends to keep a baby in the car seat until 6 months but in my personal experience Ellie really prefers the stroller by itself and is physically able to handle it.

The Burley Solstice Stroller in Everyday Life

Above I mentioned that this stroller saved my sanity and I really mean it. Ellie loves the stroller so much, and with the extra large canopy I can keep her out of the sun so our walks can be longer. It has been great fun to explore our neighborhoods and city thanks to this stroller. For example, we go weekly to our local grocer that is a mile away. About two grocery bags fit under the seat in that massive storage compartment and it is such a fun walk I don’t mind if we need to go twice a week with the stroller instead of driving for one large shopping day. We also added a clip on fan for Ellie for these longer trips or when we go to the art festival for the day. This stroller goes in easily to the back of our Pathfinder, if you were to put it in a smaller car you’ll need to take off the rear wheels which is very quick. The one handed design to fold up the stroller is genius and I used it often with Ellie in the other arm.

The Burley has replaced the Britax stroller in 90% of our daily life. The only instances we still use the Britax is when flying as it fits perfectly through the security scanner, and if we are taking our smaller car with other stuff. The Burley packs down small if you take off the wheels but not as small as the Britax. Also, if the Britax is damaged by Southwest after we gate check it I won’t be too heart broken. If the Burley was damaged I would shed a tear.

Overall this stroller has become a daily necessity in our life. If it wasn’t so hot out I would probably use a baby wear system but Ellie has really come to love watching the world around her from the seat of the Solstice. It has even encouraged me to start running with her to stay active until she is ready for biking.

Reasons I Love the Burley Solstice

I’ve listed out many of these already but for those that are scanning this article here ya go:

  • Pneumatic (air) tires to soak up the bumps
  • Little shocks on the back wheels
  • Easy one handed fold up design
  • Telescoping handle that moves the stroller away from you for longer legs
  • Huge canopy for sun protection
  • Brilliant harness system that is well padded and “springs” open to stay open
  • Large storage compartment
  • Adjustable tracking on front wheel
  • Super stable, more than any BOB I’ve tried
  • Car-seat compatible
  • Reclining seat
  • Foot brake locks both rear wheels
  • My daughter loves it

Things I Would Change

If I was a product designer with the power to change a few things here are what they would be:

  • More mesh on sides for air flow, or zippered windows with mesh like on their trailers
  • Peak through window to have replacement options for mesh or tint
  • Be able to move the wrist strap as it is currently on the right hand and I would like it on the left with out having to stitch it back together

Conclusion or “Should you buy the Burley Solstice?”

Should you buy this stroller? If you were my best friend looking for an active lifestyle stroller I wouldn’t think twice to tell you to buy it. In fact I would loan you mine to win you over. After testing most of the other leaders in this space I can say that you get much more for your money and the features are worth it. My stroller as tested with all of the accessories is about $500. In the few months we have used it, remember my daughter is 4 months old, I am betting we are already at a $5 per use cost and that will only go down as time goes on. If you aren’t sure if you’ll really use a stroller like this try to borrow a friend’s for a few days, if you love this type of stroller than give the Burley Solstice a try.

Next Steps

My daughter is still really small at 15 lbs and really young at 4 months. She is not eating on her own so I haven’t been able to use the cup and snack holders, or really run good distances with the stroller. Over the next 6 months to a year I’ll continue to update this article, or write new ones and add the links here. I realize in the end a $400+ stroller is an investment that should last a good portion of a young kid’s life and will help parents continue to live an outdoor lifestyle while bringing their growing child along. Personally, I hope that Burley is very successful with this model and brings out a two seater as we will need it in 2 years. But Burley, can you make it a stacking or tandem one instead of two wide?

Buying the Solstice

If you are looking at buying the Burley Solstice and you can’t find one locally check out to buy one online.

Disclaimer: Burley provided a stroller at no-charge for review.

14 Comments on “Review: Burley Solstice Stroller”

  1. I recently saw this at REI, though we already invested in the new Graco jogging stroller. It sounds like the extra big shade cover is awesome – that probably would have sold me. My new little guy is developmentally the same age as your little one!!! (he’s almost 7 months old… but was 3 months early.) One tip I wanted to share about the wrist strap. Something I never thought of until I read something online – was using a wrist strap could still cause the stroller to tip if you were to lose your footing. I’m super nervous about running on hills! BUT I recently got a hands free jogging dog leash at REI and it clips with to the bottom of my stroller perfectly! And i can change wrists, or even attach it around my waste! The extra safety net makes my power walks/jogs so much more enjoyable for me.

  2. Meg,

    Thanks for the comment! The sunshade is a great feature that we really need here in Colorado. Where do you typically go with your son for runs and hikes?

    1. We are from just north of Boston – so right now we stick to neighborhood streets and I sometimes take a stroller fitness class with him. (Waiting for out bike path to be approved to it can start!) Because he was such a preemie I’m super nervous about bug bites – so I need to find a bug net, then we will start going to some state parks that are super close to our home. My husband and I have been to Colorado once before – it’s definitely on the top of our list when we’re ready to travel with the little one.

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  4. I just noticed that the back tires on ours say max psi 40, but the plastic part the tire fits in says 30 psi? I filled it to 40 and it seems ok, but what do you think?

    1. I would probably go with the lower 30 psi rating since the wheel might not be rated to 40psi.

    2. kathy – I would also recommend to go with the lower of the two. I typically am running 25-30 psi as we go in rather bumpy gravel most of the time.

    3. Thanks! That is easier on my pumping arm. We are enjoying the stroller. I love the big basket. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it barely fits in the trunk of my Toyota Camry. All the positives more than make up for it.

  5. Kathy – completely understand on size! If you have a smaller car you have to take off the wheels to make it fit :/

  6. I’m a stroller geek and I can’t believe I’ve not tried out this Burley stroller! It looks like you absolutely adore this stroller! It seems small enough when folded to fit into any car.

    Just curious, how long did it take you to set up the stroller when you received it?


    1. Evelyn, It took me about 5-10 minutes including inflating tires and installing the car-seat adapter. The stroller folds down well, but for a better fit in small sedan trunks you’ll want to take off the wheels which is very easy to do.

  7. Hi, I just bought the Solstice and I have the Britax B-Safe just like yours. Do you think the click n go adapters get in the way at all when using the carseat adapter? Also, have you had any issues with the handlebar telescoping? That seems to be the point where I think issues might arise if there are any. Thank you!

    1. Sarah – I’m not fully sure what you mean by the click-n-go adapters are in the way. The car seat adapter goes in fine and the seat fits in snug. I haven’t had any issues with the telescoping, but we keep it fully extended all the time.

      Hope that helps!

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