Do You Want a Women’s Community Forum?

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I’ve been chewing on something for about 18 months and have never really taken action as I didn’t know if it would matter to anyone.

Would you use a women’s community forum?

Ideally this forum would be broken down into riding types, and then tech, for sale, etc. Let me know your thoughts and what forums you would like to be apart of in the comments!

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5 Comments on “Do You Want a Women’s Community Forum?”

  1. Are you thinking something different than the Wheelwomen Switchboard ( or would it be similar? Perhaps connecting with Elly you could collaborate and make that an even stronger source for women? I have to say, for myself, I prefer to have as few places to look as possible. I already think that I spend far too much time researching most things and having a strong, single or couple of sources is strongly my preference. What I like about Wheelwomen is that I don’t have to visit it all the time, but I do get a once/week (ish) email update about what’s been going on. I also appreciate the opportunity to ask a question or sell an item, should the need arise.

    1. Hey GE,

      Elly and I have chatted many times over the last couple of years since she launched Wheel Woman. I’m picturing something more like a forum instead of a simple question/offer setup.

      For example, a forum and maybe sub-forums dedicated to riding with your kids. This could include cargo bikes, how-to, safe routes to school, etc.

      Another one could be mountain biking, bike commuting or mechanics.

  2. I think this would be a wonderful idea! Somewhere to chat with people who get what you’re talking about and can help guide those of us who are new to or branching out into different aspects of cycling.

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