Bike Shop Girl | Motivational Monday with Susie Wargin
A woman owned mobile bicycle workshop in Northeast Denver, Colorado with over 15+ years experience as a master mechanic.
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Motivational Monday with Susie Wargin

Motivational Monday Susie

Motivational Monday with Susie Wargin

Motivational Monday is an on going series highlighting stories of women like you and me. We feature racers, commuters, car-free mommas, and everything in between. Want to be featured? Fill out this form!

Susie Wargin is an avid cyclist based out of Colorado who is about to tackle Ride Across America with 4 Woman Team – Love, Sweat & Gears.

What is your riding experience prior to training for RAAM?

Countless charity rides, as well as 3 Ride the Rockies, 2 Double Triple Bypasses, Time Trials and Hill Races.

What is your largest motivation for tackling the RAAM challenge?

I’ve interviews Julie & Ann prior to their other two RAAM’s and always said if my schedule allowed and I was able to have the time and sleep to train for it, I would love to go across America on my bike.  My work life changed in the last couple years and the stars aligned to join their team for this year.

What type of bikes will you be riding?

Main bike: Moots; Backup Bike: Sampson.

How have you juggled training for this tremendous event?

Hasn’t been easy… however RAAM training is different than training for something like Ride The Rockies.  Our training is all about quick spurts, during all times of the day (just like the race).  So an hour in the morning and again in the evening is quite common (ride for 30 minutes, take a 15 minute break, ride again for 30 minutes).  It’s actually easier to break up training like that through the day but you go through a ton of laundry!

What is your personal strategy for riding and nutrition?

Great question – I know I need to stay hydrated and especially keep electrolytes in me.   I had some dehydration issues with my last marathon.

Photo provided by Susie

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