Motivational Monday Meets Beti Bike Bash Featuring Shayla Shell

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Motivational Monday - Shayla Shell

This weekend is the largest women only mountain bike festival in the country, Beti Bike Bash. To highlight this amazing event, Motivational Monday is focused on the participants of this amazing and empowering event. We asked a few women what motivated and inspired them to start racing! 

Our 2nd feature for the Beti Bike Bash takeover  is Shayla Shell. Shayla is an all around kick ass athlete (and amazing person). You know that girl that has never played a sport but makes varsity and somehow makes you feel like a superstar? That is Shayla. She has also never raced before and will be kicking butt this weekend in the never-ever class.

Riding experience?

Road: I am awesome! And by awesome I mean I’ve had a road bike for 6 years. I’ve been for some 70 mile rides but I have yet to do a century ride. It’s coming soon.

MTB: I jump off shit but it’s never too big. I love my full suspension bike. Not too technical but I’m working on it.

What category are you racing this weekend?

Never EVER

Why did you sign up for the Beti Bike Bash?

Peer Pressure.

What 3 words would you use to describe the Beti Bike Bash?


What were (if any) your concerns/fears with bike racing?

Crashing and dying.

Do you have any tips for women starting to mountain bike or thinking of signing up for the Beti Bike Bash?

Do it. It’ll be fun.

What are the biggest struggles we face as female bicyclists, and how do you think we can promote women’s cycling to beginners?

It’s a male-dominated sport. It can be intimidating and there’s this stigma attached to women and sports, like it’s only for the boys and there are no girls allowed.


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