Over the past few years I have heard the brand name “KindHuman” buzzing around the southeast racing community. They sponsored a couple of good friends, and were making waves in the race scene because of it. Fast forward to earlier this week when KindHuman popped back up on my radar because they showed how kind and human they really are. Below you can read about two examples of how KindHuman have taken it upon themselves to add more kindness to the bike industry.

KindHuman stepped in to keep hope alive

Meet Jana. Jana is a cancer survivor. She lost both of her parents to the disease and this year, her sister was diagnosed. She had never really ridden a bike before until she had finished her treatment. She found out about a “little” charity ride that raised funds for the hospital that saved her life and decided to she wanted to help. She had just finished chemo, the ride was 200km from Toronto to Niagara Falls, everyone said she couldn’t do it – but her doctor told her to try. She finished the ride that year and has every year for the past 7 raising over $21K along the way. This year while setting up a fundraiser at her small jewelry repair shop, her bike was stolen from a storefront display advertising the event. Her heart was broken. KindHuman stepped in with a bike for her to use. They are also helping Jana raise more money than ever for the Ride to Conquer Cancer. (You can donate to her here.)

 KindHuman Junior Scholarships

All too often in today’s world of professional athletics the athlete is sponsored for their on field accomplishments and not held to a higher standard off the field. As a parent I can only hope to put athletic role models in front of my children that deliver the whole package. Respectful and caring leaders on and off of the field. KindHuman is giving a scholarship/sponsorship opportunity to two juniors (1 male, 1 female) a year to support up and coming juniors that show they are truly kind humans. Learn more over yonder.

Learn more about KindHuman.

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