Kickstarter: The Bicycle Wrap Skirt

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Kickstarter Bicycle Wrap Skirt

I love skirts, but I don’t wear them enough. I blame working in a bike shop for a solid part of my life. Now, if this lovely bicycle wrap skirt on Kickstarter might change my whole world!

The Bicycle Wrap Skirt is a bike-friendly skirt with hidden fasteners underneath the bottom hem to prevent fly-up while riding, pockets to secure valuables, and removable straps to keep the skirt out of the tires. It’s designed to be versatile, functional, and durable – to get a woman through a whole day regardless of her transportation or activity. Unlike other bike skirts that are made of polyester or spandex, the Bicycle Wrap Skirt is made with soft sustainable materials right here in the USA.


  • The fabric is a linen/cotton blend (machine washable)
  • Available in two lengths, short and tall (2 inches difference)
  • The short measures 19 inches from the bottom of the waistband to the hem, and the long measures 21 inches from the bottom of the waistband to the hem.
  • The waistband is 3.5″ tall on both skirts and is designed to be worn above the hips.
  • Wrap skirt style with adjustable waistband
  • Fits sizes 0-14. It’s been fit tested on waists measuring 23 – 37 inches.
  • High waisted design to flatter most sizes and body shapes
  • Three color options: natural, hand-dyed dip-dye indigo blue, and hand-dyed solid indigo blue
  • Built-in hidden fastening system under bottom hem so you won’t have to worry about skirt fly-up or remembering to bring a clip or safety pin
  • Deep built-in pocket on the hip for your keys
  • Removable fabric hip pouch with button closure that slides on and off the waistband for a phone or small wallet so you don’t have to carry a purse
  • Two removable external straps to prevent the skirt from blowing backwards into the rear bike tire (not necessary for all riders – depends on the distance between bike seat and back tire). Bonus! These can also be used on other skirts!!
  • And for those of you still wondering, it is all skirt. No – it’s NOT a skort!

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  1. I ride in nothing BUT dresses and skirts so this is kind of awesome. I’m only bummed that the only color choices are blue or white. I’m not a blue person (more earth-toned) and cream/white is absolutely the worst color to wear ever, let alone on a bike. First time you have to put the bike on a bus rack or carry it up the stairs and it’s all over.

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