A few months ago I asked you to chime in on what role local bike shops should play on social media. Some of the best comments came offline when I was face to face with bike dealers that were struggling to understand the impact of social media and feeling overwhelmed by deciding what channels they should be utilizing.

After co-hosting two seminars at QBP’s FrostBike this past February I realized that most bike shops are getting too stuck in the tactical side of social media. For example, what time should they be posting, what channels, how often and so on. Very few shops actually understood that the tactical side is something you worry about after you figured out the basics of branding and story telling. The most important thing about marketing, regardless if it is online or off, is how you capture the essence of your bike shop and show the world.

Below are some of my basic tips to build a strong foundation for social media. This is channel agnostic and more about creating a strong groundwork and game plan to build on to in the future.

The Basic Foundation for a Bike Shops in Social Media

  • Understand what your shop, and the brand of your shop, stands for before posting. If you don’t know that, contact me. What is your tagline or mission statement? Use that as your guide. Post photos, stories and share content that exemplifies that statement.
  • It is about making connections and not your follower count. Create conversations, comment on followers posts and connect as you would if they were in your store.
  • Be a resource. Become the go to place for information about your neighborhood, your niche speciality, or region.
  • Tell stories. They don’t have to be long winded, or well documented. Something as simple as your ride for coffee, as stories make your shop human.
  • Ignore the trolls. There will be people that have nothing better to do than leave rude comments. Serve them a cup of sunshine and move on.

What’s Next?

The next post in this series will be examples of  bike shops that I have found setting themselves up for success in digital marketing.

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