Besides cyclocross bikes, the city style genre of bikes is my bread and butter. These are the bikes that range between $500-1200 and can take someone from an interested and concerned to a triathlon racing momma. The Alysa series from Raleigh is their take on women’s city bikes.

What Raleigh says about the Alysa

Alysa is the Jane of all trades in Raleigh’s collection of women’s bikes. This series adapts to a diverse range of riding needs and styles. Avid cause rider, urban commuter, or merely enjoying leisurely rides with the family, the versatility of the Alysa series is the perfect blend to fulfill your every need.

2015 Line Up

2015 Raleigh Alysa 1

Alysa 1 – $400

Aluminum frame, steel fork and 3×7 drivetrain

2015 Raleigh Alysa 2

Alysa 2 – $530

Aluminum frame, upgraded alloy fork and a 3×8 drivetrain

2015 Raleigh Alysa 3

Alysa 3 – $700

Aluminum frame, carbon fork and 3×9 drivetrain

2015 Raleigh Alysa 4

Alysa 4 -$800 

Same as Alysa 3 but with better wheels and longer lasting 9 speed parts
(Long term review on this model coming soon!)

2015 Raleigh Alysa i8

Alysa I8 – $1,100

Aluminum frame, carbon fork, internal 8 speed hub and belt drive

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