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Burley Solstice Review

Typically, Bike Shop Girl as a site focused 80% of the articles and reviews on bikes, bikes and bikes. As I recently became a new mom, the idea of empowering women and families to get active has really hit home as there really aren’t a lot of valuable, honest, resources out there to help. When my wife and I were looking for a good multi-purpose stroller last fall the only option we came across was the BOB family. We didn’t purchase one then as I wasn’t completely sold that it was honestly worth the $400 price tag. Fast forward this spring when I was at a industry trade show in Minneapolis and the Burley Solstice appeared.

Burley is known for their trailers, so it really made complete sense to me that they carried over their engineering genius super powers to a durable, multi-purpose, kid stroller. While the Burley Solstice has the same price tag of $399 that the BOB has, the unique features and usability really won me over.

Burley Solstice Key Features

MSRP: $399
Frame Material: Aluminum (no rusting and light)
Weight: 29lbs
Capacity: 75lbs (including cargo)
Accessories: Snack Bowl and Cup HolderCar Seat AdapterBunting BagSolstice Handlebar ConsoleRolling Travel CaseWeather Shield
Colors: Black, Green and Navy
Other: Suspension, Pneumatic Tires, Extra-Large Canopy, Foot Brake

What Makes the Burley Solstice Different from BOB Strollers?

  • One handed operation to fold the stroller down to store or put in your car.
  • A harness that has built in springs so the straps pull away from your child, and are open, and out of the way when you put your munchkin back in.
  • Reclining seat.
  • Telescoping handlebar that also extends the stroller away from your long strides.
  • Easy to use locking-swivel front wheel.
  • Adjustable tracking! No longer do you have to deal with your stroller pulling as you run faster.
  • Extra large cargo space. You can seriously fit an extra child under there!

Time Will Tell

We received a Burley Solstice for review about a month ago and use it daily. Our daughter is only 2 months old so I may need to borrow a neighbor’s kid to try running a decent bit before I post my initial review. Overall, we are impressed and I’m excited to share with you the next post that will feature more of a how-to for using the stroller and it’s main features.

Until then, please check out Burley for more info. Starting May 15th your local bike shop can order you one of these, but if you live near an REI they have them in stock now.

Buying the Solstice

If you are looking at buying the Burley Solstice find a local dealer on

Disclaimer: Burley provided a stroller at no-charge for review.

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