Over the past couple of years I have flirted with being strictly paleo (no processed food, sugar, or dairy). When on the strict diet I have felt amazing, lost my belly pooch, slept better, etc. It’s a difficult life to live when you love social outings so I’ve always fallen off after a couple months or so. These reasons are exactly why I am so excited to join my wife for the 21-Day Superhero Challenge.

What is the 21-Day Superhero Challenge?

Other than having an amazing name, this challenge is about “becoming the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF” as Emily Schromm, founder and local Denver CrossFit coach puts it.

From SuperheroUnleashed.com:

“For 21 days, I AM YOUR NEW TRAINER. Using a paleo way of eating and CrossFit inspired workouts, your daily tips will not only encourage you to stay with this lifestyle, but your support system will be tremendous.

The Unleashed Fitness 21-day Superhero Challenge LEADERBOARD will keep track of everyone’s progress. The leaders at the end of the challenge will receive prizes.”

Join Me

I’m excited to hit reset on my diet and exercise routine now that my daughter is 2 months old and we finally finished moving into our new house. There are no excuses to give something my all for 21 days. One of my big motivations was to do this with my best friend and wife. Having someone to push you and inspire you on the days you don’t want to do anything is priceless. If you are like me and need a kick in the butt as the warm weather hits, please join me! Additionally, I can’t say enough great things about my experience with the founder of this challenge, Emily. I’ve had the chance to be in a few of her CrossFit classes and always left the class impressed on how great of a coach she is. 21 days, $21 dollars. Let’s do it. 

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