The bike industry is changing face as it strives to make the lifestyle of biking more appealing to those that aren’t exactly born in wool. This means less spandex when you don’t need it, and more style where you do. If we are going to win over that interested but concerned crowd, having the right style could be a great first step. The new clipless lifestyle shoe from DZR called the Mechanic is a great step forward. A shoe style that I would buy from my local skate shop, but with a stiff sole that includes threads to bolt in your favorite mountain bike cleat.

MSRP: $99
Features: Natural Gum Rubber, Vegan, “Variable Flex Shank” aka it is stiff enough to pedal, but flexy enough to not have to walk like a duck
Size Range: 41-47 (maybe if there is enough ladies interest we could push them to make smaller sizes!)

Full review coming in a couple of weeks!

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