It has been a couple of years since I gave the Rapha/Strava Festive 500 a go. For my newer readers that aren’t addicted to Strava yet, Festive 500 is a challenge from Rapha to ride 500km (311 miles) between Christmas and New Years Eve. You must be using a Garmin or your smartphone to track these rides and then upload them to Strava to qualify. It is fun to follow along with the hashtag #festive500 on Twitter or Instagram to see other’s adventures. What better way to say farewell to 2014 than ride it out in style?

As I plan on spending as much time as possible the 24th-28th with family I’ve done some math and route planning to make my Festive 500 strategy digestible.

Total Miles Needed: 311

12/24: Take the long way to the shop = 30 miles

12/25: Day Off with Family & Friends

12/26: Airport Loop = 45 miles

12/27: Airport Loop = 45 miles

12/28: Road Ride = 35 miles

12/29: Morning Ride = 75 miles

12/30: Road Ride = 45 miles

12/31: Whatever Ride = Whatever is left

Photo credit: Rapha



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