Over the past few weeks I have been bitten by the desire to find adventure out front door, to explore everything that Denver has to offer me on two wheels, and to tell you what I find.

Yesterday, I found exactly the tool I needed for this, a book from the Falcon Guide “Where to Ride Series” for Denver and Boulder. There are a mix of “the best” road and dirt rides in the area, either broken out by location or by a handy ride finder.

Ride Finder

The ride finder is specifically why I purchased the book due to them breaking down rides into the following categories:

  • Best Rides for Great Views
  • Best Rides for Communing with Wildlife
  • Best Rides for Families with Children
  • Best Rides for History Buffs
  • Best Rides in the City
  • Best Rides Using Smooth Gravel Bike Paths
  • Best Rides with Fast Singletrack
  • Best Rides with Rocky or Technical Trails

40 Rides in 40 Weeks

There are 40 rides in this book. Half of them are within pedaling distance of my house, the other half are within an hours drive. I’m turning this book into a biking project. I would like to average 1 ride per week. Being realistic, I’m going to miss a few weeks in the spring but hope to double or triple up a couple rides before and after.

I’m kicking this off this Friday with the 1st ride in the book, the South Denver Bike Path Loop. Who’s in?


  1. I like your idea. It’s fun and interesting for you. While I am not in Denver hehe but rather IL, I have my own biking project that I’m doing for next year. I am biking to 15 lunch areas ranging from 4-18 miles round trip and just finding good routes will prove to be a challenge! I am also joining a bike club too.

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