2014 Festive 500: Day 1

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Festive 500

For the first day of Festive 500 I did an extra long commute on my Surly Ogre to knock out some miles while spending most of the day playing Santa Clause at the bike shop.

The morning started at 16º, which is why I chose the Ogre with platform pedals. I suited up with my flannel lined Carhartt’s, snow boots and ski googles. The ride was gorgeous, rather quiet and I was the perfect temperature the whole morning.

Festive 500

By the time I was done at the shop, Denver had heated up to 45º so I packed my winter gear into my panniers and enjoyed a sunny ride home. Close to the house I ran into a fella carrying a bike on his handlebars. I slowed down as I passed by and he started chatting it up about “his Fuji” was one of the only things his ex-girlfriend didn’t steal from him.


It was an enjoyable first day of Festive 500, I look forward to the rest of the week!

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