Bike Shop Girl | Ticking Off Another Decade: Turning 30
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Ticking Off Another Decade: Turning 30

Arleigh Jenkins Hawaii

Ticking Off Another Decade: Turning 30

As I type this, I am sitting on the door step of a birthday and turning 30.

Earlier this month I spent some quality time with my wonderful wife down in Hawaii. This vacation gave me a good amount of time to reflect on life, where I am, and who I want to become. There are a few core topics that I have had a lot of clarity around. Here are the few things that I’ve learned in the past 10,950 days of my life; they may differ from yours, and that is a-okay.

Life is about love

My best memories are those laughs or tears when I have been sharing a moment in life with someone I care about. My biggest regrets don’t involve jobs, school or racing. They involve family, friends and not forming deeper relationships with each of them. This was an eye opener over the past few weeks and something I will be making a bigger priority.

Make time for your family and friends, they are the best gift you will ever receive.

Life is made to challenge

I am my happiest when I am pushing myself. This could be at work, on the bike or in the gym. Always be looking for your next challenge and asking yourself if you have given your all.

Life is for adventures

One personality trait I have been struggling to manage is that I am a perfectionist. Often, I stop things that I really enjoy because I am not doing it to the level I think I should be. Sometimes I don’t allow myself to embrace an adventure because I am so worried about the outcome.

The biggest thing I have learned (and constantly reminding myself) is to let go. Enjoy the journey, we only get it once. Live for the unknown and the fear that comes along with it.

Life is hard, be patient

Swallow your pride, love hard, accept and appreciate those around you.

Call your mother

Sometime over the past year I have started to have more verbal conversations instead of email with my mother. It is very fulfilling to chip away at the distance I have built between us during my 20’s.

  • kim chapman
    Posted at 04:21h, 13 November Reply

    Thank you for sharing, Arleigh. Such wonderful news about you & Emily. You will both get A LOT of unsolicited parenting advice, so here is mine….maintain your sense of humor (-;
    Love, Kim

  • G.E.
    Posted at 07:38h, 13 November Reply

    I find birthdays to be an excellent time for reflection; milestone birthdays even more so. I find it so interesting to see how my priorities shift over the years – and I have definitely found that the things most important to me don’t vary all that much. It’s a good reminder to keep them high on the priority list though, I think.

    The photo in Hawaii looks beautiful, colorful, and tranquil. Wishing you all of these things for your 30th! Enjoy it like no other. :O)

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