This past Sunday night we had a shop bike camping outing from Salvagetti. A total of 6 of us pedaled from the Irving St. location down to Bear Creek Lake Park. 44 miles round trip on mostly greenway. Read the full trip report on

I haven’t been bike camping since moving to Colorado. As I explore more, it’s easy to see how many amazing places the local Denver bike path system can take you! October weather in Colorado is questionable. It could be 85º during the day and then snow at night. With that in mind, I packed a lot of wool and my 30º sleeping bag!

Gear Fully Loaded

Rack: Surly Nice Rack
Bags: Ortlieb Back Roller City x 2, Revelate Designs Gas Tank
Other Bits: Garmin 810, Arundel Looney Bin Cage


Gear Laid Out

Only things missing are the clothes I was wearing which included: Chrome Pasha Merino Wool Hoody, Civia Knickers, TwinSix bibs, IceBreaker wool tshirt, Pearl Izumi Knee Warmers and SmartWool socks.


Left Pannier
Dry bag with sleeping gear
Moist towels aka baby wipes
Outdoor Research Helium Rain Jacket
Tool & Flat Kit: 29er Tube, Tire Levers, CrankBrothers Multi-tool with Chain Breaker, Patch Kit, High Volume Hand Pump
Olympus OM-D E-M5 in a Lazer Helmet bag (the helmet bag doubles as my pillow with clothes stuffed in it)

Right Pannier = Campsite items
Tent poles
Tent shell & rain cover
Crazy Seat
JetBoil Flash & Fuel Can
Bag of food and personal stuff = toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, oranges, tea bags, Lara Bars, Halloween Edition Reeses Cup (very important)

Revelate Gas Tank
Wallet, Phone, Keys, Lara Bar


In retrospect, I took too much gear. Specifically water and cooking tools. We were able to stop for dinner on the way out to camp, and we didn’t eat breakfast until we got back to the shop. There was clean water at the campsite to refill bottles, so I could have gone without the huge Nalgene 32oz bottle of water, tea cup, and the complete JetBoil Flash system.

That’s what these Bike Overnights are for, right? Dial in your gear and not be too far from home if shit hits the fan.

What does your bike overnight gear setup look like?

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