Back in mid-July, Emily and I finally made the quick trip to Buffalo Creek for some mountain biking. This trail system has a lot of hype around it and within a few miles of our route I realized why.

Where is Buffalo Creek?

Buffalo Creek Directions
Buffalo Creek, Colorado, is about an hour southwest of Denver proper according to Google. With very minimal turns, it is a quick trip from the city and if you get up early enough I bet you could make it in 45 minutes.

There are a couple parking lots, we parked at the one just past the park entrance on 126 on the left at the Park Work Center. It wasn’t nearly as crowded as the parking lot within the park gates.

Why Buffalo Creek?

From my knowledge Buffalo Creek has the best selection of trails and options within an hour of Denver. Keystone would probably be the next closest trail system. There are probably 30-40 miles of trails within Buffalo Creek without even getting on the Colorado Trail.

Buffalo Creek has some Epic trails, just ask IMBA.

Perfect for camping, trips with friends or testing out bikecamping.

Our Route

We did Baldy loop, which is a pretty common loop at Buff Creek.

Buffalo Creek Road -> Baldy -> Miller Gulch -> Sandy Wash -> Buffalo Creek Road


Buffalo Creek has something for everyone. The views are so scenic that you probably won’t even mind hike a bike if needed! If you are in the region, like dirt and haven’t given Buffalo Creek a try – go ASAP! You’ll thank me on your return.

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