Bike Shop Girl | Banjo Brothers Tiny Bike Shop Concert Series – June 27th in MN
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Banjo Brothers Tiny Bike Shop Concert Series – June 27th in MN

Banjo Brothers Tiny Bike Shop Concert Series

Banjo Brothers Tiny Bike Shop Concert Series – June 27th in MN

There a notion, that may seem a bit crazy, that a a company or brand may do something solely to spread the love they have for their passions. A great example of this kind of notion is the Banjo Brothers Tiny Bike Shop Concert Series. What does this have to do about bike bags? Not much. Yet, it may have to do with banjos, bike shops and bringing together like minded people, hopefully like minded people on bikes.

Banjo Brothers Free Concert with King Mulhacen and Brianna Lane

Banjo Brothers Tiny Bike Shop Concert

June 27th 2014 on the Banjo Brothers Stage in Minneapolis the Banjo Brothers will host a special “Happy Hour” edition of our popular Tiny Bikeshop Concert Series.  The show will feature two acts,King Mulhacen and one of the architects of our Tiny Bikeshop Concert Series, the popular Brianna Lane.

If you don’t know Ms. Lane – check out the Brianna Lane in Five Minutes Video.  Brianna the savvy businesswoman and musician helped us create the Tiny Bikeshop series. Her contributuions are many, but one of the most important was ensuring the shows have musical integrity. This means that a Tiny Concert was not just music in the background, but a full-throttle concert experience. The shows have an intimate feel – the type of musical experience you’d normally pay top dollar for. Lane’s performances, especially because of the high quality of her songrwriting and playing, can be emotionally stirring.   We really hope you’ll come out to the show and you can help make sure we have enough food and drink by RSVPing for the show on our Facebook Event Page.  There’s more in store too. We’ll have prizes from our co-sponsors Twin SixBodylish and Calhoun Cycle.  There’s also an added bonus. When the show ends at 6:30pm, Greg Neis of Calhoun Cycle will lead a post-show group ride for ice cream. This event, sponsored by Calhoun is also FREE.

More details are available here.

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