Bike Shop Girl | 2014 Beti Bike Bash Recap
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2014 Beti Bike Bash Recap

beti bike bash finish line

2014 Beti Bike Bash Recap

Photo credit: Mark Woolcott

This past weekend I lined up for my first mountain bike race in over a year.

There were reasons I hadn’t lined up in so many months. Injury, work, life and countless things that didn’t seem to matter once I zip tied that number to my bar. Why was I doing such a thing? Knowing I didn’t have the legs, or even the lungs, to be competing with those strong ladies that towed the line with me. Why? Because it was the Beti Bike Bash, an all women’s mountain bike event put on by my favorite ladies – the Yeti Betis. It would have been a larger regret to sit on the sidelines on a day like that than to come in dead last, which thankfully I did not do.


The Event

Please take me seriously when I say this, because I don’t throw this praise around very often… If you are a cyclist of any kind (road, cross, hybrid, etc.) you will want to see or experience an amazing event as the Beti Bike Bash.

Not only is the event well run, but the energy around it isn’t anything I experienced before, and I have done a lot of bike events! Picture hundreds of women, of all ages and sizes, from 4 year olds to 60 year olds. First time mountain bikers, Olympians and everything in between. Now, picture everyone that loves them there supporting and cheering for them and you.

There was also a great vibe from all the loving sponsors, from No Tubes, Yeti Cycles, Ergon Bike Ergonomics, Enduro Bites, and many more.

Beti Bike Bash Arleigh JenkinsMy Race

I lined up with the experts knowing that the few weeks I’ve had back on the bike wouldn’t be enough to hang, but I tried and tried. The course was fast and not technical at all with roughly 15 minute laps for around 4 miles of trail . It was also hot, my Garmin recorded low 90’s since the Pro/Expert race went off at the peak of the day.

The crowd was amazing, and I don’t regret towing the line with the experts. I ended up somewhere towards the end, but not last (very important detail.)

I can’t thank the Yeti Betis and my loved ones enough for supporting me to sign up for a race so soon after getting back on the bike. I survived and this event will be a MUST ever year going forward.

Check out more at Beti Bike Bash and make sure to put it in your calendar for 2015.

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