It Is My Mom’s Day!

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There is no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t be where I am, or have had the opportunities that I have had, if it wasn’t for my mom.

I still remember my first purple Schwinn and learning to ride it with only two wheels. All the bikes she purchased during my teens, from my first mountain bike to helping me come up with options to buying my first expensive road bike and accessories.

She encouraged me to explore, to ride my bike instead of the bus, and never called me crazy when I wanted to ride in the dark, she only bought me lights so I could see.

My mom has always been my backbone and compass in life. Anytime I looked to move somewhere for a new opportunity in the bike industry, she encouraged and never doubted.

Today is my mom’s day, though she is thousands of miles away I celebrate her doing what she would tell me to do, “Go ride your bike.” From the sound of clipping into my pedals to the feeling of adventure, all of these things remind me of her.

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