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A woman owned mobile bicycle workshop in Northeast Denver, Colorado with over 15+ years experience as a master mechanic.
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Fight Like a Girl, Race Like a Girl

Fight Like a Girl

Fight Like a Girl, Race Like a Girl

A guest post from Melinda Casey. A mountain biker taking on the Beti Bike Bash TOMORROW with a great cause on the top of her mind as she pushes through every pedal stroke.

Staying in contact with people has not been my strong point. Living in another country and a few other states can make it easy to lose that contact. That’s my terrible excuse, anyways. For me, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and my blog are my ways to stay connected to family and friends. When I found out that one of my dear friends from High School was diagnosed with breast cancer I knew that a Facebook message with my words of love and encouragement would not be enough. Lauren was one of the first friends I made in High School. We were inseparable. We shared clothes, dated the same boys, and shared homework answers. On any given day you could find us at her house, going to get burritos, tanning on the beach, and just being crazy teenagers. When I think back to my high school days she played a big part in it. Lauren is kind, smart, and has an infectious smile.

In February I signed up for my first ever MTB race, the Beti Bike Bash. After 3 years of being off the bike to have babies, I was feeling inspired to get on the bike and get in the dirt. Riding bikes is not just a fun thing to do, it’s a lifestyle in our house. The idea of racing with other women (maybe their first race too) put my mind at ease.

Shortly after I signed up I found out that Lauren was diagnosed with breast cancer. I felt compelled to ride for reasons beyond on my own. This race is not about me anymore. It’s about supporting a friend and her fight. She is an incredible woman with so much life ahead of her. She just wants to eat sushi (which she currently can’t because of chemo), be the amazing Auntie she is, and do normal thirty year old things. She is going to beat this! Who knows, maybe she’ll be inspired to get on bike and do some crazy race after she beats her cancer.

I will be wearing a pink tutu for my race (so that should be interesting). You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @ridelovepeace to see all the fun on race day….June 1st. My goal is to raise $1,000 toward her fund.

If you would like to donate to Lauren and her fight please visit her page at The Young and Brave.

Also, please send me a message at ridelovepeace at and let me know if you donated and I will send you a special thank you!

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