Spring is Here, Are You Ready?

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Spring Cycling Tips

It is hard to believe that we are in the last week of April and May is knocking on our door. I don’t know about you, but other than #30daysofbiking I haven’t done much in off-season pedaling to be ready for the long miles this season. In order to stir up some internal motivation, here are some tips to jump start your spring cycling.

Tips to Jump Start Your Spring Cycling

    1. Walk out to your garage and get your bike ready. Pump up the tires and ride it around the block. Does it make funny noises or not shift well? Go visit your favorite bike shop before they have a 2 week wait for a tune up.
      Me: I need new tires on my road bike, and I’m testing fate every time I ride down gravel roads. Tomorrow, I’ll pedal myself down to my team shop, Cycleton, and buy some new 700x25c training tires.
    2. Spend money on an event entry. This doesn’t have to be a race, it could be a charity event or a bike month event. Put your money where your heart wants to be, don’t procrastinate.
      Me: My first event this year will be the Beti Bike Bash, an all women’s mountain bike race on June 1st outside of Denver.
    3. Find your biggest supporter. Now, tell them what your goals are and what you spent money on. Ask them to cheer you on or help you when you don’t feel like you have enough time. Build or find your community now before you need it.
      Me: This weekend my goal was to put together a plan of attack for this summer going into cyclocross season. This was in part to make sure I’m not biting off too much, but also to make sure that my loved ones are on board with my insanity.
    4. Get Your Strava On. Much like the above, if you are externally motivated, Strava is addicting. Using your Strava smartphone app or a Garmin you can track all your rides, compare times and compare your times up popular climbs or streets against others. Warning: It’s addicting.
      Me: Follow me on Strava!
    5. Get dressed up like a super hero, or your favorite bike getup, and look in the mirror. This is the only time this season you should allow yourself to do this. Are you happy with who is looking back at you?
      Me: Wanna know what looked back at me? Pale legs without a farmers tan.
    6. Finish up 30 Days of Biking strong. Pedal everyday that is left in April and share your story with hashtag #30daysofbiking to win great prizes!

I hope you found some of these tips helpful and motivating. If you have some tips to add, scroll down and add them to the comments.

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