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Eating Paleo: Food Staples in Our House

Sweet Potatoes

Eating Paleo: Food Staples in Our House

The biggest change and challenge from moving to the Paleo style of eating is being prepared and having foods ready to eat.

There is some food preparation required and forethought when you go to the grocery store, but it all became much easier for our household once we nailed down the staple foods that make 65% of our diet. Grocery trips are faster (and cheaper) and sticking to the Paleo plan is pretty thoughtless once you find your groove.

Below are the Paleo food staples in our house, these are things that we always have available and make in large batches on the weekends. Find your staples and you will find success in daily healthy eating!

Sweet Potatoes

I eat a lot of sweet potatoes in various forms throughout the day. In my pre and post workout meals you’ll find these orange delights in some form. If you enjoy them as much as I do, you can buy a nice size bag at Costco (two of us go through a bag a week.)

Sweet Potato Fries

  • Sweet Potato Fries – I make two batches of 3 potatoes each most Sunday’s with different seasoning. I try to measure out what would be a 1/2 of a potato for a serving and snack. A great post workout snack and easy way to add carbs into your Paleo diet.

Shredded Sweet Potatoes

  • Shredded Sweet Potatoes – I put a 1/2 a cup in my eggs every morning, they are also great additions to tacos and frittatas.


Pretty self explanatory and a great source of protein. I eat 4 eggs every morning for breakfast, egg whites in my smoothies for post workout nutrients and hard boiled eggs at work incase I need something mid-afternoon.

Browned Ground Turkey

Browned Ground Turkey

It is amazing how fast weeknight cooking can go if you have pre-prepared browned turkey on hand. Every weekend I make up 3 lbs of ground turkey with a sweet onion and seasoning of some sorts.

  • Breakfast – Either added to my eggs or a something to add to our weekly frittata
  • Taco Tuesday  – Makes Tuesday nights as easy as reheating the Paleo taco shells I make on the weekend and adding in whatever we are craving (avocado, salsa, lettuce, etc.)
  • Roasted Peppers – Add diced tomatoes and spices in a pan to your ground turkey while your half peppers are roasting. Add the mix to the peppers and you have pretty quick dinner
  • Add it to the sides – Add it with the green beans and mushrooms below to make a meal

Roasted Vegetables with or without Chicken

Roasted Vegetables

My goto lunch 4 out of 5 days a week right now. Find different vegetables you want to try, chop and stir them all together in a dutch oven. 30-45 minutes later you have lunch for a week (or more!)

Roasted Balsamic Green Bean and Mushrooms

Roasted Balsamic Green Beans and Mushrooms

A great snack or side but also can be a quick meal when you add in the browned ground turkey.


All the above mentioned items are found in our fridge and freezer. 95% of it is found at Costco to buy in bulk, which saves a few pennies. Some things we make a double batch so that we can freeze half, which allows us to make the recipe 1-2 a month. We find that it is a great mix in tastes so that we never get bored with one “go-to” thing. As the seasons change I am sure our staples will too but the above has treated us well for the cold months of January and February in Colorado!

What are your Paleo Food Staples? List them below!



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