It hasn’t been a secret that I’ve been struggling to find my personal identity when I removed the “bike racer” from 25 hours of my week. Combine that with a new state of residence and a month old job, I have felt pretty disconnected from who I believe I am.

Over the past week I started researching (again) about Paleo eating to address some stomach problems I’ve been having. Naturally when I was training a lot my eating habits were 90% of what is outlined in a strict paleo diet. The 10% was left in greek yogurt for smoothies and thin whole wheat bread with almond butter & jelly.

Without knowing that I was looking at the Paleo diet my girlfriend emailed me Friday morning to see if I would sign up for the “Whole Life Challenge” with her. Initially I was very resistant. You want me to pay $49 to track my eating and body weight? After some reading and taking a “pride check” that my biggest goal for this challenge would be for Emily to meet her goals. I wasn’t too good for this, and by submersion into better eating as a family we will have the best results.


Whole Life Challenge Mission:

To create lives of unbound possibility where health and fitness are limitless resources and the right of every human to design and share.

Whole Life Description:

 We believe that health and fitness are fun, exciting and best done with friends! We believe that your expression of health and fitness comes from you, who you are, and what you love, not from a formula or “perfect” regimen. We don’t believe in limitations.

The Whole Life Challenge transforms your health with fun, game play, accountability and mastery. This is not a routine. It is designed by you to have your health and fitness be wherever you are, not just at the gym or the salad bar. We play games with you and the people that matter most to you to create a healthy lifestyle that supports everything that you are and everything that you want in your life.

The Whole Life Challenge is an 8-week online and in-your-life game you will play with your friends and family that will train you to have exactly what you want in your health and fitness. You will learn to create it where you are and with what you have right now. Wanna play?

Personal Goals for WLChallenge

  • Stick to the advanced “modified Paleo”
  • Plan out weekly meals & grocery trips
  • Help Emily meet her goals
If you are looking to challenge yourself, your health and your life this new year take a look at the Whole Life Challenge. If you are already doing it and need a team search for “Bike Shop Girl”!


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