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Pure Fix Launches Pure City Cycles

Pure City Cycles
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Many brands over the past 4 years have taken the euro route for their new urban models. Flowing lines and upright position with a sexier look than their hybrid big sister and brothers. Pure Fix follows suit with a new sub-brand, Pure City Cycles, and launching 5 models within this new sub-brand today. Where I think Pure City has the right idea is that they are following the Electra model. Less options, more colors. The 4 step-thru models, from what I can tell, are all exactly the same other than color. There is one step over model in a safe color, black.

Now all you have to decide is what color you like, what size and how many gears. Don’t worry you only have two options of sizes (43 & 45cm) and gearing (single speed or 3 speed).

The Abbey $399


Pure City Abbey

Two sizes available, 1 and 3 speed options


The Crosby $399


Pure City Cycles The Crosby

Two sizes available, 1 and 3 speed options


The Langdon $399Pure City Cycles Langdon

Two sizes available, 1 and 3 speed options

The Wilshire $399

Pure City Cycles Wilshire

Two sizes available, 1 and 3 speed options


The Bourbon $499


Pure City Cycles Bourbon


No details available yet

View the complete collection over at Pure Fix Cycles

13 Responses to Pure Fix Launches Pure City Cycles

  1. Matt says:

    I like the the look of these bikes but had my reservations about the quality due to the price point. With a little internet research I found these EXACT bikes being sold on Alibaba direct from the manufacturer for CHEAP! Check out the links below. I know the industry has been concerned with the commoditization of bicycle products and Pure City seams to be the quintessential ‘commoditizer’. I hope this kind of discounted cheap product does not represent the death of the IBD channel as marketing Alibaba products to consumers is definitely a race to the bottom.

    Pure City via Alibaba:

    Critical Cycles and Retrospec via Alibaba:

  2. Jake Cahal says:

    haha no way! they are just slapping their sticker on this cheap chinese bike?! I emailed the manufacture and they sell the 3 speed for $124!! I can’t believe they claim to ‘design’ these bikes in Burbank. They are straight out of a chinese catalog!

    • Thanks for the comment Jake, I haven’t heard back from Fix about these questions

    • Zach Schau says:

      Hey Jake – Thanks for your comments. Those bikes actually are not ours. It appears that manufacturer stole the photos that we own, and re-labled them with their branding. We’ve alerted ‘Alibaba’ and they should be removed shortly. Thanks for the heads up.

      Our bikes are indeed designed in Los Angeles and components consist of brand name parts such as Shimano, KMC, Zoom, Neco and others. Any other questions, I’m happy to chat directly. Feel free to email me anytime at zach@purefixcycles.com

      Thank you!

  3. Jake Cahal says:

    Oddly enough 5 weeks later and the photos are still being used. Just slapping stickers! Pure City might as well just own it at least. Don’t fret, you’re not the first discount sticker slapper ;)

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