A long time ago I wrote an opinion article on why I didn’t believe women’s designed 29ers worked. Designers were being pushed so hard to get things to market that the result was lack luster, and in my opinion these bikes often handled like crap compared to their non-women’s designed brothers. The front end was flip-floppy, unless you had a crazy short stem and wide handlebar. While this works well for the true mountains, it doesn’t work well for women just learning how to mountain bike. Fast forward a few years, more experienced designers, brands with patience and maybe some more knowledge. Now you have women’s bikes that don’t have crazy head tube angles and carry well in switchbacks up or down. Thus, inspiring confidence and excitement to carry momentum through the trails.

Meet the 2013 Giant Anthem X 29er 4 Women’s

MSRP: $1925
Components: Shimano Deore 3×10 drivetrain & Shimano hydraulic brakes
RockShox Recon Silver TK fork with thru-axle on the front
RockShox Monarch R shock on the rear

Out of the Box Feeling of the Giant Anthem X 29er 4

Pair the proven 4″ Maestro design with a very decent component package and you have a package that looks great both on paper and in price. The tires, wheelset and components are all solid choice. The two places it seems them skimped are the saddle and grips which are often user specific and traded out at time of sale. The product manager had an eye for spec, and I’m interested to see if the frame designer has the same experience when it comes to the handling of the bike.

Will check back in once I can give my opinion on the riding of this bike!

Disclaimer: This product was provided at no cost for review


  1. Hi, I would love your thoughts on the sizing of the Liv bikes. I am keen to get a Liv Tempt and normally ride a medium. Looking at the fitting guide they specify a small for riders 5’4-5’10. I am 5’6-5’7 and my local bike shop only has a medium in which they are saying is a good fit. It feels good to ride but I’m only just getting back into biking and don’t completely trust my own judgement! What size would you recommend for 5’6-5’7. Do you think it’s worth driving around to find a small to trial? Any tips for checking for correct fitting myself as the sale guy was pretty useless and sexist, implying I was only interested in the colour of a bike! Thanks

  2. Laura – 5’6-7″ should be a medium’ish but it really depends on your proportions. I ride a large at 5’10” and my wife who’s 5’6″ rides a medium. Small is normally for someone <5'4"

    Are you mostly legs or upper body?

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