What is your name?


What type of cycling do you enjoy?

Trail Riding

What is your first cycling memory?

For my eighth birthday, my parents got me a gorgeous red bike as a surprise. I remember the moment so clearly, I was standing with my Mom, waiting for my Dad at the Airport when suddenly, he appeared wheeling a gorgeous, shiny red bike alongside. After a minute that it took me to register, I ran towards my Dad…and hugged my bike : )

Who inspires you to ride? Better yet, why?

My kids have been very motivating and supportive from the start. From locking up the door behind me at insanely early hours to goading me whenever I am going through a slow phase, they have been solidly behind me all through.

What has been your best moment on the bike so far this year?

On the saddle, it’s been a trail ride that I named the Columbus Trail. It started out as a regular ride with five of my rider buddys, then at the turn around point, we decided to look for a new trail. We rode around for hours till we discovered a way across the river and the trail we followed was the most beautiful one that I have ever come across. It’s the reason why I ride. Off the saddle, it was a dream come true to meet meet Gary Fisher.

Tell us what you ride

I started out with a MTB, a Trek 3500 and now, I have got myself a Fuji hybrid.

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