MSRP: $6600
Sizes: 44, 48, 51, 54, 56
Details: Geometry is based on front stack height (how tall the front end is), Shimano Dura Ace through out other than the Cannondale Hollowgram SI cranks. Wheels/Tires are from Mavic

Back in late May the reviewing began for this little carbon Cannondale, you can read the preview here. This Ferrari of a bike was initially hard for me to nail down in to words. It is close to the nicest bike I’ve received for review in terms of retail cost and it’s so specific to those wanting the best of the best. As the move to Denver has tickled my road racing passion, the SuperSix entertained this idea. It also reminded me that it’s not the bike that makes an amazing ride but it sure does help.

Fit of the Cannondale SuperSix Women’s Hi-MOD

This bike floated between two reviewers, myself at 5’10, and Emily at 5’6. The goal of this was try out the extreme of fits and bike handling, as well as insight from two different point of views (will explain shortly.)

Emily’s 5’6″ height was fit like a glove by this bike. Seat post showing a few inches, handlebar and saddle with no drop and her reach to the shifter hoods was a bit less than 90′. Exactly what you want for a weekend warrior.

My height of 5’10” was pushing the bike, but for a 3 hour race machine, this is what I wanted. The front end was dropped as low as possible without swapping out the headset top cap, or swapping out the stem to something longer. If I was purchasing this bike, it would be for racing and a 54cm would be ideal even though I normally ride a 56cm. A longer stem and wider handlebar is all I would need. (The featured image is my setup.) Why you ask? For longer, faster, miles I am more comfortable with a slightly lower front end than normal. I can get more weight on the front end, balancing out my cornering and sprinting.

One Bike Racer and One Weekend Warrior, Still the Perfect Bike

Most of the miles tested on this bike was by Emily. She is the ideal buyer, someone that likes nicer things and doesn’t mind paying full retail for it. Weighing in at 15 lbs before pedals/bottle cages, and having a beautifully stiff yet comfortable ride – this is just what the doctor ordered. As a bike snob I love the details that Cannondale put into this bike. The matching white FSA handlebar and stem, white bar tape to match the white Fizik saddle and full Dura-Ace drive-train other than the stiff Cannondale Hollowgram SI crank.

I snatched the bike the first chance possible to raise the saddle, drop the bars and test out this bike as a race rocket; or a Ferrari as Emily called it. The stiff bottom bracket junction, yet comfortable front fork and head tube left me wanting more miles and longer smiles. While it would be hard for me to justify racing a $6600 Dura-Ace equipped bike I would be interested to see the ride difference between the Hi-MOD and the standard SuperSix.


The goal of this review was to push the bike in two different directions and it excelled in both. If you are looking to buy the nicest bike you can so that you never outgrow it and it stays relevant for years to come – buy this. If you love Gran Fondo style bike rides, lay down 2-3 longer distance charity rides a month – buy this.

On the flip side, if you are a woman that races and are looking for a bike that fits longer legs and shorter upper bodies – try this. It’s the first bike of it’s quality I have found to fit women without some dramatic fit changes that also change the handling.

Either direction you are headed this bike is worth checking out. Cannondale did an outstanding job on the looks and attention to detail of making this Ferrari of a bike appeal to women.

Disclaimer: This bike was provided at no charge for review.


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