Back in July I introduced Bern Helmets’ new ventilated model, the Allston. With a couple months of testing, three different reviewers and some matchy handlebar tape, I’m ready to give you my opinion.

The Bern Allston

The Allston has 16 vents, weighs in at a claimed 13 ounces and comes in 4 colors. With the classic Bern visor style, lighter weight and a decent amount of ventilation this is going to turn some fixie riding heads!

Key Details

MSRP: $89.99
Colors: Matte Black, Matte Grey, Matte Neon Green, Satin White
Features: 16 vents, 13 ounces, Available in 3 sizes (M, L, XL), Snap in liners to make this an all season helmet

Wear Test

The size Medium that showed up in Neon Green fit many heads. The nicest feature of this helmet in my mind is the liner that comes pre-installed. With a baseball cap flap, the adjustment comes from a soft fabric being tightened by velcro at the back. There isn’t a plastic cage tightening against your scull, it also acts as a sweat catcher!

Bern Allston Helmet Review

Ride Test

Bern Allston Test Riding

For bike commuting and low milage city riding this is a great go-to helmet. The vents allow some air flow but the skateboard style shell wraps around your head, a bit lower than most bike helmets these days.

I wouldn’t ride this helmet for 20+ miles unless it’s <60 degrees. While it has good airflow, it isn’t a match for ventilation like Lazer, Giro or Specialized.

Overall Opinion

If you want a great looking helmet, look here. If you want a helmet that can add some warmth in the winter, look here. If you are looking for a solid mountain bike or road helmet and you are often sweating or in warmer temps, do not look here.

I’m a huge fan of the helmet for the right purpose. In city bike shops Bern is selling like hotcakes. The style of the helmet is undeniable and a huge step up from their standard low vent styles.

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Disclaimer: This helmet was provided at no charge for review purposes.



  1. I’m really disappointed that you call yourself “bike shop girl” and yet you encourage people to purchase through Jenson. If you don’t support your local bike shop, they might not be there in the future. Surely the commission you make isn’t worth turning your back on the industry that gave you your name.

    • Hey there

      Thanks for the comment. Jenson does have local brick and mortar stores, and the point is if you’re going to buy online (which 1 out of 3 readers of this site does) go through a solid site that throws some pennies my way.

  2. Or.. you know… my LBS doesn’t carry them, so I’d be happy to be directed to a place to order this sweet helmet and throw BSG a few pennies in the process! 😉

    Thanks for the review. Have a Bern helmet that has been pulling double duty as a snowboard/bike helmet for a couple years now. Never had many issues with lack of ventilation on my city rides, but the liner alone in this model is worth me updating my bucket. Thanks lady!

  3. Mosselhoff is way wrong. This low profile helmet fits way better than some of the $100 plus lids I have purchased in the past. Bern knows how to design a functional product with style for sure. Plus you can get interchangeable upgrades for colder weather riding, with audio as well.

  4. Hello I want to buy this helmet, but I have read some reviews and some say that this helmet runs small. Could you please tell me what your head size? Mine is 56 cm and according to the bern’s sizing chart I be fine on S/M size, but I want to be sure because I am planning to buy it on Amazon. Thanks

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