After last week’s post of finding motivation, I’ve put my legs to the grindstone and found happiness in both days of commuting on Thursday and Friday. With threats of rain (flooding to be exact) each day as I pedaled closer to home I found myself chasing rainbows and finding peace with where I am.

Next week I hope to track my food intake better, at least for breakfast/lunch/dinner. Not down to calories, but just to have a better clue have how much food it’s going to take to hit the 1,000 miles this month. For now I’ll leave you with some Strava stats and Flickr photos.

Stats for the first 10 days of August (4 on the bike)

  • 169.0 miles (831 miles to go!)
  • 11hr 28m of ride time
  • 5,856ft elevation


  1. You got it!!… Keep it up!! I am so jealous…I’m now just over a month post surgery ( broken clavicle after a dog run down on a 70 mile training ride…tri season over quickly ) and am very anxious but excited about getting clearance from the doctor to get back on the bike. Thanks for the continued inspiration to get back on both to get to work and get my smile back on the bike!

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