Thanks to Facebook I stumbled across a great summary of a girls chicking the guys. As a female cyclist I often feel the double edged sword of riding with guys.

Recently I’ve been fortunate to find a couple groups of good guys to ride with.

One based out of our home community is a team based out of Cycleton. I’m the first girl invited to the team and I feel like I have a lot to prove. Not only for myself, but to create an opening for more women to join. If I’m needy, whining or slow I’m killing the chances or possibly setting the impression of women.

The second group are my coworkers. I’ve had the chance to do a handful of lunch rides since starting at Pearl Izumi. Some are chill, and some I’m popped off the back but always dragged back by a couple willing teammates.

In the end, the only time I want to be the girl that chicks guys could be racing or maybe when those group rides get a bit too “testy” and they need to be reminded we are all human.

How about you? Do you enjoy beating up on the guys just because you are a girl, or do you prefer to be part of the group instead of making a point that you are a girl that chicks guys?


  1. I’m nice if they LOOK the part…..good, bike, gear, personality…but if no helmet, heavy and harry legs……..look out. Competitive with girls yet super supportive and love them all….We need more of you.

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