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Review: Giro Sonnet Women’s Helmet

Giro Sonnet
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Giro Sonnet Women’s Helmet MSRP $90

Details: 25 vents, no visor, in-mold construction

A helmet under $100 with a slender shape for women, that’s the Giro Sonnet.

Pro’s: Weight, price, color options, availability in-store or online

Con’s: Fit system hits my ponytail (details I know), very neutral colors available

  • Giro Sonnet
    Giro Sonnet
  • Giro Sonnet
    Giro Sonnet
  • Giro Sonnet
    Giro Sonnet
  • Giro Sonnet
    Giro Sonnet

Overall Thoughts of the Giro Sonnet Women’s Helmet

I see two users buying this helmet. The first time road warrior that will be on the bike up to 2 hours at a time, or a MTB/commuter that is upgrading from that entry level, $40 heavy helmet, they started with. If you are either of these people, this helmet is perfect. If you are going to be doing 3+ hour rides, the helmet will feel heavier on your head and there are more ventilated options out there.

It’s a great helmet at a great price. I wish they tried one crazy color in the line up, but that’s me.

Purchasing this helmet online? Support BSG and purchase through this link to JensonUSA.

Disclaimer: This product was provided at no cost for review. If you purchase through the JensonUSA link, I may receive commission. 

6 Responses to Review: Giro Sonnet Women’s Helmet

  1. Meg says:

    The Helmet Ponytail relationship is so important in my book!

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