Motivational Monday with Terry

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Motivational Monday with Terry

What is your name and location?

Terry in Santa Clarita, CA

What type of cycling do you enjoy?

Road and Mountain

What is your first cycling memory?

Oh my. I was in, probably, 2nd grade. My g-pa bought me a girl’s bike, used, and painted it ‘Candy Apple Green.’ It was beautiful. I remember falling on the bar and dragging my toes on the ground and scraping them badly. Also, hitting that bar with my crotch was so painful. That’s my first memory of cycling. That was 45/46 years ago.

Who inspires you to ride? Better yet, why?

At this time, just my own motivation keeps me going. I bought my road bike in Nov. 2012 for my 52nd birthday. I wanted to be able to ride farther on our city’s bike paths. My mtn. bike was holding me back. I’ve only ridden 250 miles since getting it, but they’ve been good miles. I challenge myself each time I ride to 1.) Go farther and 2.) Go faster. I’m still slow and the farthest I’ve gone on one ride is about 23 miles. But I’m so excited to keep trying.

What has been your best moment on the bike so far this year?

…Moment…Was a ride. From the beach parking in Ventura up to Ojai and back. Riding up and back down was great. I’ve done it twice and can’t wait to try again. There was some walking uphill, but mostly I rode. I felt so proud of myself.

Tell us what you ride

I have a 2012 Giant Defy 3 and a 2008 TREK WSD. I forget the details. Both bikes are great. When I’m just cruising on Venice Beach or someplace flat, I have a basket on the front of my TREK and put my small dog in the basket.

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