The Value of Nothing

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Arleigh and Emily

Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing. – Lord Henry Wotton (Oscar Wilde)

It seems lately people are full of stuff. Often, when you ask them what they are saving for it is an object. It is not a destination or milestone but a new car, a new bike, and a new “thing.” Everything has price tags and I know first hand what an addiction that can become. You want the best gear, you want the newest gear, and you want to be the trend setter that has it before everyone.

I do a lot of gear reviews here on Bike Shop Girl. As my site ranks pretty darn high on this thing called “Google” and women’s gear isn’t too widely reviewed so I receive a good amount of “things” to review. At any given time there is a pile of objects to test out, photo, review and tell all of you what I thought about it. Over the past 10 years I have been given the chance to ride a lot of cool stuff from high end bikes to the latest gadgets and expensive stretchy spandex. Yet, over the past few weeks of moving to Denver and really putting an emphasis of LIVING my life with my girlfriend in this new state of Colorado a few things have become crystal clear.

Gear does not make the adventure, you do

You don’t need the fancy, crazy expensive, gear to have an amazing time. It may not be as safe and you may come out of it with a few blisters, you can hike that hike with sneakers and go camping with a tent 100 grams heavier than the one you saw in a catalog. The newest Garmin may tell you the weather as you’re riding, but so will the weather channel before you are leaving.

We often get so wrapped up in what we don’t have that we don’t enjoy the adventure of everyday living

You’re saving for that new commuter bike, and you have in your head that you can’t do your commute until you have it. Well, have you tried? Can you really not do that big mountain route until you have the new wheels?

Life is not about the stuff, it’s about living

The above statement lead me to turning some focus into a new website and new vision for living. Empower Adventure was started a couple weekends back when Emily and I went for a hike up St. Mary’s Glacier. We had our great gear and I carried my fancy camera up with a tripod to make sure to capture a moment together. Other than the amazing company with breathtaking views, I was left in awe of the families really enjoying themselves (and the mini-adventure) in their street clothes walking up the boulders. They were using what they had and not stressed about pressing start or stop on their Garmin.

I’m going to continue reviewing bike product on Bike Shop Girl, and start reviewing more “outdoor product” on Empower Adventure, BUT putting more emphasis on the adventure the gear helps you experience. Empowering and inspiring you to get out and to live.

Remember in the end of all of this, the price of everything is nothing and the value of your life is everything.

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