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Driving Retail Success: Store Atmosphere Part 1: Take The Sniff Test

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Presented by: Bruce Schofield, Retail Services Lead, Pearl iZUMi

Having unpleasant odors, is one of the quickest ways to get your customers to leave your store. So what can you do, and how do you know if your store smells?

Here are a  few things to consider to keep your store odors in check.

  • Check in with your some of your better customers ask them if your store smells, if you get a yes you need to address it now!
  • The ideal smell is a scent that is just under your perception, consider using a aroma service to get it right.
  • Rubber is part of the cycling industry, however the smell can overpower a stores atmosphere. Try keeping the bulk of your repair and replacement rubber out of the retail area.
  • If you sell wetsuits, try using an auto air-freshener hung right with the wetsuits.
  • Keep personal food items off the selling floor and put the waste in the trash outside as soon as possible.
  • Vacuum your floor and dust on regular basis, make sure the bag in the vacuum is changed regularly.
  • Take the sniff test on a regular basis, if you have a female staff member use her for the test. I have been told that women can detect smells better the men.

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  1. 1 Aug ’13 at 2:22 am — Reply

    To someone who doesn’t work in a bike shop, they might think this is a joke, but we get at least one comment a week that our store smells like “warm plastic.” That’s because your wicking apparel is made of plastic ma’am. #truestory

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