This Little Light of Mine, Using Lights at All Times

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Light & Motion Lights

This is a drum I have beat a decent amount in the past, but I need to beat it again as the summer days get longer and people are riding their bikes more and more. There are many reasons I believe you should have a front and rear light on blinking at all times on the bike, at the end it is safety and keeping you intact on your bike.

Reasons to Use Front and Rear Blinky Lights All The Time

  • I have been left hooked in a major intersection and fully believe a front light would have made the old man see me
  • Make yourself easier to spot
  • It makes cars more aware of you, and the space around you. In my experience with a rear blinky light it seems cars give you more space as they pass
  • Habit to turn on your lights
  • Why not??


My favorite light set is the Light & Motion Urban 200 Combo Kit (support BSG and buy through that link!)

5 Comments on “This Little Light of Mine, Using Lights at All Times”

  1. BSG, not only those reasons, but riding through shadow on the road or into sun light drivers have little chance to see you. There is a reason why flashing lights are used in roadworks, emergency vehicles, crosswalks…they draw attention.

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