Bike Commuting in Denver: Part II

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An on going series of riding and commuting in my new city of Denver Colorado. See more about my Denver Cycling experienced here. 

Over the past couple weeks I have been reminded about some key things for commuting and riding in a major city like Denver, CO.

  • Maps aren’t always perfect, but it adds to the adventure.
  • Cable locks are useless and shouldn’t be sold to keep your bike safe
  • Thorn resistant tires are required in the west. I’ve seen tires with 10-30 “goat heads” after riding through a city park, on the greenway.
  • Finding new routes on greenways, make shift single track through parks, sharrowed bike lanes and back alleys are never ending. Thank you BikeDenver and everyone else involved.
  • No matter how “bike friendly” a city is, there are still jacks in cars, on bikes and walking the streets. Put yourself and your safety first.


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  1. Edward C.
    17 Jun ’13 at 6:20 pm — Reply

    Many thanks for your Denver postings. I too am moving to DEN in July from Salt Lake City and as a lover of all things on two wheels these posts are relieving me of some of my worries.

    • 18 Jun ’13 at 8:40 am

      Hey Edward, where in Denver are you moving to?

  2. Edward C.
    20 Jun ’13 at 8:04 pm — Reply

    Details of where are still up in the air. Partners job is south of the downtown area so she and I most likely will focus on Washington Park, Englewood, or Littleton. Need access to transit and bike facilities, at least for my sanity ;-) Local businesses/markets/pubs and walkability. Progressive neighbors. Open space. You know, all the required stuff. Would love input. We’ll most likely rent for a short period until we land the perfect location.

    • 21 Jun ’13 at 9:40 pm

      Nice, well make sure we meet up and check things out!

      Maybe become a member of bcycle??

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