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4 Jun ’13 Comments (3) Adventures

Bike Commuting in Denver: Part I

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As I’m getting used to the world of Denver, CO I’ve been able to start bike commuting to the shop I’m at, Salvagetti. This is amazing for me as I haven’t had the luxury of being able to bike commute for roughly 3 years. (If you remember, I used to ride daily and didn’t even own a car for a while.)

  • BikeDenver
  • BikeDenver

This week I’ve been able to ride into work on the Cherry Creek Greenway, cut over on a bike lane and arrive at the bike shop with little contact with true street traffic. The full ride is roughly 12-14 miles depending how I get to the greenway and I can easily say I’m in cycling heaven.

A few key things that have helped me navigate:

BikeDenver Bike Map
Google Maps “Bicycle” Function
A patient girlfriend that has been able to ride in with me two of the days for entertainment and quality time

Over the next few months I plan on documenting in better detail my commute, different areas/bike paths and greenways. I even hope to do some bike camping sooner than later. If you are in the area, let me know! I would love to explore with folks.

3 Responses to Bike Commuting in Denver: Part I

  1. D. Bernauer says:

    I will join you on a beautiful ride on the Highline Canal that runs for 48 miles. Of course on my own VANMOOF bike.

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