3 Women’s Saddle Recommendations

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The question of “What is your favorite saddle?” is a very popular question in tweets, emails and in shop conversation. It is also probably one of the most user specific question around bike fit. My bits are not built like your bits, my seat bones are not the same width as your seat bones but I can give some generic feedback of my “go-to” saddles for women.

Pro advice: Make sure you check your saddle measurements prior to swapping out any of these seats! This includes height, and the distance of where your sit bones are most comfortable on the seat to the handlebars. Every seat will be different but these are good x/y starting points to measure off!

The Most Popular Women’s Saddles I Recommend


Fizik Vesta

Fizik Vesta


If you don’t know where to start with a new seat, start with this one.

When swapping out bike seat during a women’s bike fit this is normally the first seat I try. The channel through the middle section allows some relief on your girly parts and the wider sit bone area on the back of the seat keeps you well supported. This saddle was once on 100% of my bikes but as my handlebars went lower I had to switch to something with a flatter front to back profile and not a drop in the middle.

Tip: Make sure the area where your sit bones hit is level!



Specialized Ruby Pro



Specialized Ruby Pro

If your handlebar is lower than your saddle height than try out the Specialized Ruby. The relatively flat back area of the saddle and flexy middle section allow for a leaned over position. This saddle doesn’t have a ton of padding some if you are relatively upright it may be a bit too tough for your sit bones.

Tip: This saddle does come in different widths, so make sure to get your butt properly sized!

WTB Deva

WTB Deva

This seat is a bit narrow so if you are on a super upright hybrid or mountain bike the saddle may not support you properly. Saying that, this saddle has been a goto for cyclocross season for many years due gel inserts in the firm and pretty flat surface.

Tip: This saddle is not as tall as many others. You may need to move your seat up significantly.

(Yes, I like white saddles. It always makes a bike look faster in my humble opinion!)

24 Comments on “3 Women’s Saddle Recommendations”

  1. After trying what feels like a million saddles, I’m on the Ruby Pro in a 168 width and L-O-V-E it! Super comfortable and really supports my wide sit bones.

  2. I totally should have went with a white saddle on the road bike… I’m using the Rontrager Affinity and love it – the Ruby above looks the most similar and a great one to try!

  3. What about seats for commuters? A friend of mine recently accepted a new position about 1.5 miles from their home and I don’t know what or where to suggest for alternate saddles.

    1. Commuters, do to being more upright, tend to be easier to fit. Selle Royal makes a few rather comfortable ones (and others.)

      I’ll work on this write up to post next week! Thanks scott.

  4. I’m a HUGE fan of the WTB Devas. I have one on the ‘cross bike and one on the road bike. Any new bike I get will get the saddle on it.

  5. Love my Selle Italia LDY on my road bike & my Terry B-fly on my hybrid. The Terry was my first try at a woman-specific saddle: it was love at first ride. The SI took a bit longer to get used to, but it’s awesome. The thing that has helped me most, however, is dipping the nose of the saddle down.

  6. I just bought a new road bike and went for my first long ride yesterday, and I am not sure if the saddle is wrong for me, positioned wrong, or if I just need to get used to it. It seems to be applying pressure just below my sit bones, at the top of my inner thighs. After 30 miles I was extremely painful to sit on the saddle again. I know there is an adjustment period, but I wanted to make sure that was normal before I go back to the shop to have it readjusted. Also, if it is a misadjustment, does anyone know what would cause it? Meaning, is it too high or low, or tilted up or down? Thanks!

  7. Ive not long since swapped out my saddle for the Selle Italia Lady Flow SLR..as far as ride altering it has by far made the biggest impact on my mtbiking experience. I am only small & very slightly built so the fairly narrow sit bone region is ideal…however it is the women specific cutout region that has turned my riding to a joyous experience for my rather more delicate and somewhat ‘precious’ parts. I can honestly say that I have gone from a fidgety rider, always shifting position to apply a little relief, to a carefree and happy one. It is sheer bliss to be completely painfree, the discomfort in my unmentionables now a distant and unpleasant memory. The Selle Italia definitely does it for me!

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