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25 May ’13 Comments (2) Recently Spotted

Survey: Bike Commuters for Intelligent Bicycle Lighting

Intelligent Bicycle Lighting
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As a bike commuter this is a pretty forward thinking idea and I believe would help in less commuter centric areas where auto drivers are not used to seeing bikes.
I am Joost van Leeuwen, a Dutch student of Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. This is a project I do for a big bicycle lighting company from the Netherlands (they supply bicycle lights throughout Europe, Asia and the USA). 
My goal is to create the next generation of bicycle lighting; a light that senses and signals in order to make the road safer for the cyclist and the people around him or her.
If you wish to stay updated on this project you can follow me on the following media:
Twitter: @jp_vanleeuwen
Tumblr: weareideas.tumblr.com


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