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A woman owned mobile bicycle workshop in Northeast Denver, Colorado with over 15+ years experience as a master mechanic.
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LUNA Pro Team SuperShonny

LUNA Pro Team

LUNA Pro Team SuperShonny

As seen over on LUNA Pro Team’s page

It started out as a calm peaceful Friday. Shonny left before the sun rose, headed for Prescott, AZ, to race the Whiskey 50 mountain bike race with most of her Luna teammates. One hour into the 5 hour drive her truck transmission started slipping badly. So instead of being disappointed that she couldn’t make the race (and needs to start shopping for a new vehicle), she found a road tri near her home (not as fun as XTERRA but…) and made the best of it. Shonny turned into SuperShonny, borrowing the costume of SuperMan! for “a fun training race.”
SuperShonny underoos, check. Cape, check. ‘S’ on her chest, check!

The smell of pancakes swept through the air as a race morning breakfast of Gluten-kryptonite free strawberry pancakes and bacon was prepared, while super-Shonny wrestled with the cappuccino machine, using church approved cuss words as the machine’s steamer was clogged. Clearly the work of the dark side!
Warming up for the race, SuperShonny was greeted with high fives, and strange glares (clearly the response of the dark side and roadies.) When the gun went off, SuperShonny took off faster than a speeding bullet, a red cape trailing behind her. This was a run, bike, swim triathlon not the traditional swim, bike, run.
Transitions proved to be a little more challenging for the Super Hero, as removing a cape and underoos is generally not part of the routine. SuperShonny rode her mountain bike with slicks just to “keep it real.”
Super Shonny averaged 20mph on her mountain bike and still faired pretty well for the day placing 2nd overall in the road triathlon and most importantly received the Best Costume Award!
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