Denver and for the Love of a Bike Shop

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Within the next few weeks I’ll be finding my way around the city of Denver, calling a new address my home, plotting out new bike routes, meeting new friends, starting a new job and creating a new chapter of daily life with my Emily.

Going Back to Retail

When I visited Denver a couple months ago I fell in love with a bike shop. The vibe, the customer centric approach and the mission of this shop made me feel at home. While I wasn’t planning on going back “into retail” I am happy to write that you’ll be able to find me at Salvagetti. Splitting time between selling, fitting and community events I believe I’ll find my way in Denver pretty quickly with this handpicked family of bike geeks.

Time for Bike Shop Girl

Going back in retail is allowing me to devote more time towards the community of Bike Shop Girl. With a great calendar of content for the upcoming weeks and being able to spend more time with consumers I plan on delivering more content on what is relevant, needed and lacking across the rest of the cycling world. At the end of all of this I want to spread my passion of cycling to more people, that means empowering, educating and motivating you to get on your bike!

Let me know what you are wanting to see, is it product reviews? More tech articles? The Podcast? Add comments below to let me know!

Finding Joy in Love

I realize that I have done a horrible job recently with musings, opinions, rants and those heart felt post that always seem to get a ton of comments. Hopefully having a well planned content calendar, and surrounding myself with passionate cyclists will allow the time and motivation to push the bike industry forward.

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  1. 27 May ’13 at 4:04 pm — Reply

    I would have selfishly rather seen you at PI, but I’m happy you found something you’re excited about!

  2. 29 May ’13 at 9:39 am — Reply

    Congrats and I’m looking forward to more updates on bikeshopgirl! You’re doing great things. Cheers!

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