When at Loose Nuts Cycles a couple months back an internet friend stopped in, Jim Bilotto. In his hand was what looked like a folder up cooler. As he opened it up I knew instantly that he was going to make my day.

I like craft beer. I like going to the beer store and putting together my own 6 pack of select beer. I also like to take beer to places and I don’t trust those paper beer carriers AT ALL.

Enter the Bilotto Take 6

The Bilotto X Gnome Brands colab created a unique product to keep glass bottles from claning around in your bag or on the go. There are six compartments which are sized for anything from classic soda bottles to tall-boy cans. The bi-layer constructions (one layer of PVC coated polyester and one layer of mylar woven cotton batting) keeps bottles cold and safe. Jim Bilotto came up with the idea, contacted us, and we went designed from pattern to production. The bag is good for grocery beer runs or reusable pick six stores. The velcro closure allows for traditional six pack layout or you can snake the string of them through and around things in your bag to keep other things protected as well.

One more note: I use it in my messenger bag/backpack to keep my beer separated and safe!

The best $20 you can get for yourself and the beer drinking loved ones in your life.

Go buy now, seriously.

Disclaimer: I was given this for free, but never was paid or bribed for a review. It’s an awesome product that everyone should be using!


  1. Woahhh that’s an awesome idea! $20 ain’t nothin for any kind of handmade bag, either. I just bought one. I’m always only buying cans for fear of breaking bottles in my bag, so now I’m gonna be set. Yeah!

  2. Huh. Looks clever and you obviously like it but I gotta say I’ve never had an issue throwing a sixer in my bag – don’t even recall any clanking ever. Maybe I’m doing it wrong? 😉

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