Review: Outlier’s Women’s Daily Riding Pant

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Here are the pants on me after my afternoon commute. I've tried to pull my shirt back so that you can get a good look at the waist band.

A guest post from Laura Colbert of Loose Nuts Cycles in Atlanta, GA.

I am a girl who loves denim.  Outside of work time, I’m always in dark, well-fitted pair of jeans, even if I’m on a bike.  So when I started commuting more, I didn’t think twice about what I would wear for the ride.  I would just wear what I always wear—jeans, wool socks, Vans, and a comfy shirt that I can sweat in a little bit.  Well, as it turns out, riding a 20 mile round trip several times a week, plus some extra miles to run errands or socialize on the way home, can really wear out jeans quickly.  Also, comfort becomes much more important at 7 am on Monday morning, than it is cruising around town on a Saturday afternoon.

Realizing these things more and more with each ride, I started looking around for some pants that I could ride to work in.  I should note here that I have one big criteria for cycling clothing:  I don’t want to look like a cyclist.  Don’t get me wrong.  I wear chamois and jerseys and clip-less shoes and all of that good stuff when I’m “on a bike ride”.  But commuting is not a bike ride.  I want to look like a “real” person when I get to work, not a cyclist.  When I run errands on the way home, I don’t want to be “the cyclist” covered in spandex standing awkwardly in the grocery line.  It may be silly, but it’s my preference.  As I browsed the internet for the right pair of pants, I found that there aren’t a whole lot of great options out there for ladies.  After some searching, I stumbled upon Outlier’s Women’s Daily Riding Pant.

I immediately loved the look of the pant, but didn’t love the price tag.  I asked around and found that one of my male friends has the male version of this pant and loves it.  He said it was well worth the money, so I decided it was worth a shot and ordered a pair in black.

Meet the Outlier Women’s Daily Riding Pant

From the Outlier website:

Truly a do-anything pant cut for women. Lean and sleek with an elegant silhouette. Made with our core 4Season fabric, the four way stretch and a soft inner face of the doubleweave twill fabric ensures you move in both comfort and style. The “self-cleaning” Nanosphere treatment makes it highly resistant to dirt, coffee and beer, so don’t worry about your morning cup of joe spilling all over you as you ride. Wear them to work or out for drinks, rain or shine you’ll be looking good and feeling better.

Made locally in New York City. Not only does our 4Season fabric shed rain and dirt, dry fast and resist wear and tear, but it also meets the strict bluesign environmental standards. It’s a low impact fabric, made with tight emissions standards that ensures it’s produced with the absolute minimum amount of waste. A better way of clothing for a better way of life, enjoy them, and let us know what you think.

Personal thoughts on the Women’s Daily Riding Pant


I ordered a size 4 (I normally look for a dress size 4 or a jeans size 27) and it fit perfectly.  They definitely run true to size.  The fabric is stretchy, so that helps if you are normally between sizes.   The fabric is super flexible and fits very comfortably.  It fits well when I’m off the bike, but it doesn’t squeeze me at all when I’m on the bike either.  The higher waist keeps my lower back and rear well covered when I’m riding.  I will say that the fabric was “techier” (more techy?) than I was expecting.  It seems similar to the fabric of which my mountain bikes shorts are made.

Call me a hipster, but I only wear skinny or straight leg pants.   This pant falls into the skinny category.  Speaking of legs, Outlier gives you a lot of extra fabric, length-wise.  As a 5’7” woman, I don’t often have extra length in my pants, but I have at least 2 extra inches here (see picture).  If you’re shorter than me, you may have to hem the legs.  If you’re taller than me, you’ll be really excited to start riding without exposed ankles/socks. One of my favorite features is that Outlier has built in 2 deep pockets in the front of the pants and two sizable pockets in the back too, which makes the pants look less like athletic wear and more like everyday wear.  .

Like I said, I ordered this pant in black, but I would love to see the other colors in person. I love the slate grey option and I drooled a little over both greens.  My one worry is that this fabric doesn’t look very high-quality (even though it obviously is), so the colored pant options might look cheap.  shoulder shrug


Georgia’s in the middle of its weird bi-polar fall/winter weather, when we have 30-40 degree mornings, but about half of our afternoons are 60-70 degrees.  It’s hard to find clothing that works for both conditions and these pants do the trick.  When it’s above 45 degrees, they keep me warm enough.  At temperatures when I start to sweat, they breathe well, keeping my sweatiness to a minimum.  When I do sweat, I don’t feel gross at all (not like when denim sticks to you…gross).  On the other end of the temperature spectrum (below about 45 degrees), I do have to layer them with some running tights and wool socks.  Even then, the pants stretch well to fit an extra layer and they still breathe nicely.

I haven’t ridden with them in the rain yet, so I can’t speak to the rain-proofiness.  However, the one time I’ve washed them since October, they dried super fast.  Also, when I read that they were “self-cleaning” I laughed a little, but with multiple wears each week and only one wash since I bought them (probably 2 months ago), they still look brand new.  And they still fit wonderfully.

Final Thoughts

So far, I love this pant.  I’m glad that I went ahead and spent the money.  It’s comfortable to ride in, looks good enough to wear in public, is sturdy enough to survive many miles each week, and it’s U.S. made (hard to find in women’s clothing, much less cycling gear).  I don’t want to speak prematurely, but my denim drawer may need to be cleaned out to make room for the other colors of this pant.

Disclaimer:  I am not receiving any benefits from Outlier for my review of their product.  I purchased this product myself.

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  1. Thanks for posting a review about these pants, as they are a bit pricey i probably wouldn’t have bought them without seeing a good and in depth review..
    Was just wondering though, if you can see sweat patches through the pants?

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