Bike Shop Girl | Race Recap: NC CX Charlotte (Humble Pie)
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Race Recap: NC CX Charlotte (Humble Pie)

NC Cyclocross Arleigh Jenkins

Race Recap: NC CX Charlotte (Humble Pie)

Prep was solid into this race. Hitting about 90% of my training for the two weeks leading into the event. Could I have been at 100%? I’m sure, but I’m not a pro and I do have a life to live.

The Course

Kudo’s for probably the most fun, and most hard course of the series. Jeff and friends of Luna Cycles really outdid themselves. A horrible run up, off camber turns, a huge and deep sand pit, and tons of spectators heckling.

My Race

Did I mention this was the NC State Championships? OH yes, I forgot to mention that part. During call ups I somehow ended up talking about my box, and sharing my box with ladies. Half way through first lap I realized this course was going to kick my ass a new one. Settling into a pace I could hold for 30 minutes, I found myself as always behind the girl in green and orange and in front of a few fan favorites.

There were tons of girls crashing infront of me, in the sand, in the off camber turns, and in the end I’m sure I lost time every lap but let’s be honest.. those crashes gave me a second to breathe and an excuse of my placement. 8th out of 27. No states podium for me.

Swallowing my Pride

Race day I felt good. I’ve been placing a solid 6 so far this year and with my workouts dialed I hoped to move up. The course and competition whipped me good. You can say my confidence of improvement was cracked. I also made a bone head decision last weekend to submit an upgrade request.

This morning I was greeted by an approval of upgrade. What does this mean? I’m racing faster women, for longer time, for the rest of the season. The upgrade was my main goal this season. Having achieved my goal I’m now wondering what I have left in my gas tank. Three more races left for my CX season (though the season goes until mid January) which means three races where my goal is simply not to be lapped.

Today I’m trying my best to find peace in what I achieved in my modified short season. I didn’t race as many races as I hoped. I didn’t podium. I let myself down and allowed outside things change how I lived my life. On a positive note I feel stronger and better than I have in a good long while. I achieved my goal of upgrading. I’m going into my off season motivated and energized to kick some ass.

This weekend I will be in Winston Salem, next weekend at UCI races in Hendersonville. That will be it for CX for the year!

Here’s to finishing on a high note.

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