For the Love of Knee Warmers

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From mid-September to March I am living in knee warmers. My tan lines will prove this as it is pretty far into the summer before the lines around my mid calves start disappearing. Here is my ode to knee warmers…

My Ode to Knee Warmers

Under 65º you’ll find me in knee warmers. I love them, they are one of those cycling accessories like a good helmet that can complete your outfit but also make you feel warm and fuzzy inside as you pull them on. Knowing exactly that they are what you need to combat today’s ride.

I’m not a fan of leg warmers. If it is that cold I am wearing bib tights to keep my legs and arse warm. I feel constricted for some reason in leg warmers and if it gets too hot leg warmers are a pain with their zippers to remove. (This is antics really.) I just love knee warmers, especially for mountain biking or cyclocross.

Favorite Knee Warmers

My goto knee warmers are either DeFeet Kneekers Wool or Pearl Izumi Elite Thermal Knee Warmers. If you are a fan of merino wool go with the DeFeet. If you need more wind blocking or hate wool (why would you??) go with the Pearl Izumi.

Disclaimer: I borrowed the image from DeFeet and I wasn’t paid or given anything to promote these products. I love both of them and live in them half of the year.

3 Comments on “For the Love of Knee Warmers”

  1. Alas, my thick German thighs won’t allow for adequate fitting of knee warmers (I’ve used both Pearl Izumi and Ibex). But I will say that I appreciate when bibs and/or knickers have integrated knee coverings, like the Ibex El Fito stuff.

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